The 2 Most Important Things For Your Health and Fitness

There are many people in the world that would tell you that you need to pay them lots of money to get in shape and that being healthy is a very complicated task. However, the most important rule to being fit is KISS, or “Keep it Simple Stupid.”To be healthy you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars each month. You don’t need to go buy the latest supplements and vitamins and you don’t need to go hire a personal trainer at $70 per hour that really only knows how to get big biceps. There are however, two very important things you need to know about fitness. These things are so important that without them, you will never be able to be fit or truly healthy.1) Diet – You are What you EatYou absolutely have to remember that you are what you eat. If you eat a bunch of doughnuts and chips you can’t expect to be the next Mark Wahlberg or Jessica Alba. Diet is the most important thing if you want to be healthy and fit. You need to eat clean, nutritious, REAL food, not a bunch of processed and engineered calories. This means you need to be eating fruit, vegetables, and lean meats along with nuts and seeds.It seems like every other week a new fad diet is out that was designed to help you lose weight super fast while being able to eat all the great food you love. The truth is you aren’t going to be healthy if you are loading up on sweets and unhealthy fats such as mayonnaise. As a general rule if the ‘food’ has a long expiration date or a lot of ingredients you can’t pronounce then don’t eat it. If you eat healthy clean foods and drink lots of water you are on your way to being healthy and fit.2) Strong CoreThe second thing that is important to your personal health and fitness is having a strong core. If you don’t know core refers to the muscles of the trunk of your body; the abdominal muscles, obliques, and the lower back. These are the most important muscles in your back. Without them you wouldn’t be able to stand up straight, sit, or even get out of bed. Ensuring that these muscles are strong will prevent many issues such as low back pain or discomfort.Many people think that to do this you need to do hundreds of situps a day. This isn’t true. With a few basic exercises a few times a week you can develop a super strong core. The number one thing you can do to develop a strong core is to deadlift. You can’t do heavy deadlifts without a strong core; it just won’t happen. In addition to deadlifts you should be doing squats and some supplemental work such as hanging leg raises and gymnastic work like front levers.However, you should never EVER do any of these lifts without proper instruction beforehand. Getting some one on one teaching is crucial to make sure you do not get hurt as any of these lifts can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.